A Minnesota Winter is Coming. Is Your Roof Ready?

You do not want a squirrel making a winter home of your roof or gutters

It’s that lovely time of year in Minnesota. The trees are changing. The mornings are crisp. You have your rakes in queue – and your shovels right behind them. Have you thought about the integrity of your roof? This is a smart time to get your roof inspected.

It’s best to call a professional roofing contractor, who will know both the ins and outs of roof wear and also the required safety precautions so you don’t have a lawsuit from someone falling off your roof. Most contractors will offer a flat rate inspection – and some may even do it free if you are in the neighborhood.

If your roof is new, you probably do not need this, but even so a new roof may have storm damage you do not even know about, and that makes it vulnerable to water penetration. The least you should and must do is to visually inspect your roof from the ground. Are there missing shingles, damage to soffits, uneven or sagging areas that could indicate warped boards underneath? Are there areas with moss? That means excessive and continued moisture is present and could mean rot underneath. Are there any large tree branches up there? If so, you could have a penetration from that falling branch. If you see anything unusual, getting a professional inspection is a good next step.

Moss on roof in Minnesota.
Moss on roof in Minnesota. This roof needs a full inspection before the Minnesota Winter hits.

The professional roof inspector will look for a number of things, such as shingle integrity, where the shingles meet flashing or any objects that extend out of the roof, such as vents and chimneys. These areas are always weak spots and should be looked over carefully.

Inspect your roof gutters before the Minnesota winter hits
Inspect your roof gutters before the Minnesota winter hits

Moving out and down, where the gutter is attached is often a trouble spot. They can get filled up with leaves and such and then create areas of excessive moisture, which can lead to soffit rot. It’s always a good idea to clean out your gutters after the leave have fallen because a packed gutter can lead to ice dams that can cause damage to the roof. We’ve even seen gutters tear off a house because they were so weighted down with ice!

Moving to the inside and under the roof, inspecting your attic, if possible, is another smart move. You want to make sure there is no evidence of water damage, the vents are clear and airflow is adequate, and the insulation is ample and consistent to prevent ice dams.

All Sons Exteriors is always available for consultation and inspection. We know how hard a Minnesota winter is on roofs and are here for you.