Opening Up on Door Replacement

Picking out a new front door (or any door, for that matter) typically comes down to three major factors: appearance, cost, and security. How much weight each factor carries will change from person to person, but they all will always come into play in one way or another. You may be someone who is concerned, first and foremost, with appearance. After all, your front door is usually the first aspect of your house to which a passerby or dinner guest’s eyes are drawn. Or it may be that you have more of a utilitarian disposition, and are only concerned about the integrity of your house’s security. Wherever your motivations lie, there are plenty of options available.

If you are primarily concerned about how your door looks, you will likely end up looking into wood or wood-mimicking fiberglass for the door itself. Both options allow for an elegant look while providing insulation and security. Of course, some elegance comes with its downsides. Adding glass panels to or around the door will make for additional costs and, depending on the type used, negatively affect the insulating properties of the door. Genuine wood is, as per usual, the most expensive material option available for doors, but if you want to maintain the look while putting the savings into more energy-efficient glass, less expensive fiberglass doors can be stained or otherwise made to look like the real deal. Prices range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending upon size, shape, windows, and finish.

As far as security goes, you actually do not need to worry all that much about materials. So long as the frame and lock are up to snuff, most door types are comparable, with steel being noteworthy only insofar as it is generally cheaper than wood and fiberglass while maintaining similar levels of sturdiness. The lower price tag comes with its own tradeoffs, in particular the possibility of rust or denting.

There are a large number of permutations when it comes to picking out a new door, so no matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find something satisfactory. There are many peripheral options that go along with the main door itself, from pre-set frames to glass panel coatings that make them more break-resistant. If you find yourself worrying about some aspect of your new potential entrypoint, bring it up, with your contractor or with whoever you are buying the door from. After all, your satisfaction is their priority.