How To File a Roof Repair Insurance Claim in Minnesota

Filing an insurance claim for your home’s roof

Let’s say you have a damaged roof. What are your insurance options? It depends upon the type of damage and your policy. Each homeowner insurance policy and circumstances will vary so every claim filed with an insurance company is unique.

Almost half of homeowner’s insurance claims involve wind damage or hail damage. This means insurance companies are seeking to limit their risk with specific coverage options by way of naming the coverage something like Wind and/or Hail coverage.

Tip: It is important to note that the insurance company has a limited period for which they are liable for damages from a storm. If you have damage, you need to get on top of the process immediately by getting a professional contractor and an insurance adjuster involved.

Factors that determine the extent (and cost) of damage include:

  • the slope or angle of the roof
  • the brand of the shingle
  • the type of shingle
  • the age and previous condition of the shingle

What Your Policy Covers

Read your policy or just contact your insurance company to find out what coverage you have. Some policies will cover the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged section of your roof at the time of the claim, regardless of the age of your roof. Some policies take the age of your roof into account at the time it is damaged and then pay based on the depreciated value of the damaged roof. Some policies cover roof damage up to the depreciated value, regardless of the age of your roof.  Almost always your insurance company will send an inspector to investigate and verify the claim. If the damage is determined to be from normal aging and not acute damage it will typically be considered “normal maintenance,” and will not be covered under your policy.

Recap and Bullet list for filing a Roof Insurance Claim

The stakeholders in a roof insurance claim are:

  1. The homeowner
  2. A roofing contractor
  3. The insurance adjuster – (employed by the insurance company)
    1. Pro Tip: Be nice to the Insurance Adjuster

Action items for the homeowner:

  1. Get an estimate from a reputable, local roofer
  2. If damage exists and it’s more than your deductible – File an insurance claim
  3. Meet with Insurance Adjuster
  4. Get the first check from insurance (if coverage applies)
  5. Have the contractor fix the roof
  6. Get the second check from insurance (if you have Replacement Cost Coverage)
  7. Pay roofer


  1. None – you are paying out of pocket
  2. ACV Coverage – Pays a depreciated amount on an older roof
  3. Replacement Cost Coverage – Pays the cost of replacing the roof minus the insurance deductible

You may find a contractor that takes care of most of the insurance aspects for you, or you may choose to take a more hands-on approach. Either way can be good, or bad, depending on experience and diligence.

As always, All Sons Exteriors is here to help will all your roofing needs. We have decades experience serving Minnesota’s roofing needs and are experts in navigating the insurance process. Call us for a free inspection!

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How To File a Roof Repair Insurance Claim in Minnesota
Many of our Minnesota roofing customers need to file an insurance claim due to damage from hail, wind, or falling debris. Let's look at the process of filing an insurance claim on a roof. As a Minnesota roofing contractor, we have a lot of experience with insurance claims so today we share our pro tips.