Gutter Options in Minnesota

Commercial gutters install in Minnesota

Whether you are already planning on new roofing and will need new gutters to go along with it, or you noticed some wear and tear during spring cleaning, it is helpful to know what is available to you when it comes to replacing a gutter system. If you are a more do-it-yourself type of person, you will need to look into mounting types and other aspects of sectional gutters, as you will likely be installing it in 10-foot sections. Fortunately, DIY gutter systems are widely available and are relatively easy to install. But even if you have the drive to get the job done with your own two hands, you may want to consider a professional job, for a few different reasons.

Residential gutters on house in minnesota
Residential gutters on home in Minnesota

First off, a professional gutter installer will often have a machine on hand that makes seamless gutters, allowing your gutters to be custom-fit to your roof without the added potential for joint leaks that comes with section-based gutters. The shape that it comes in is also up to you, but the most popular shapes are either K-style, which is an ogee shape (and admittedly only distantly resembles its namesake), and fascia, which hides more of the gutter’s structure. Other shapes are also available but are more likely to run the risk of debris buildup and subsequent overflow.

When it comes to materials, the two most inexpensive options are vinyl and aluminum. Vinyl may edge out aluminum when it comes to cost but tends to break down due to the expansion and contraction that comes with the changing of the seasons. On top of being inexpensive, aluminum can be painted, coated, and otherwise altered to be resistant to the elements, easier on the eyes, and so on. There are, as with any project, a few higher-end choices as well. Copper gutters are quite fashionable, wear extremely well, and resist rust, and stainless steel gets a leg up over regular steel (which is more prone to rusting), but both are dramatically more expensive.

Ice build up gutters in Minnesota
Ice build up gutters in Minnesota

Any new gutter installation can be complemented with additional peripherals. You can get covers over the top, filters on the inside, and any number of other value-adding coatings and finishings. Herein lies another reason to go to an installer for your gutter system: simply put, they’ll be able to tell you which add-ons will actually be useful for your situation. As long as they’re already producing some sturdy seamless gutters for you, you might as well take advantage of their professional know-how.