Roof Damage from Windstorms in MN

Summer in Minnesota brings wind storms that result in thousands of homes with a damaged roof or damage to siding. If you home or neighborhood is hit by winds from tornadoes or straight line winds, you may be asking what should you look for and how fast should you act? We will cover these questions below.

Roof and Siding Windstorm Damage

Both tornadoes and straight-line winds can wreak havoc the integrity of your home. After a windstorm your roof should be checked for missing shingles. The inspection should also look for loose soffits or siding, and even gutters that have shaken loose. Damage to any of these can be a problem. Missing shingles are the most obvious from wind damage and also the most problematic.

Top Priority: Avoiding Leaks!

A leaky roof will quickly create a bunch of other expensive and potentially health-hazardous conditions. Wind can also loosen siding, which may not be obvious to the eye, especially when looking up a wall that goes two or three stories. Leaks from shingles or siding damage needs only a tiny space for water to get in, creating a recipe for mold and rot under the siding and in the interior of your home. What is worse, it sometimes takes a long time to realize a problem. Leaks from windstorm damage may take weeks or months to show inside your home.

Looking for Interior Water Damage

If you see and colored spots or paint blisters on the ceiling or walls it is probably water damage.  Sheetrock and water do not mix, so once sheetrock is exposed to water you tend to know quickly about a problem. The tricky part is then determining where the water is coming from. We have seen leaks in a roof manifest in water damage many horizontal feet away, and even on floors below, skipping upper floors.

Water from a wind damaged roof (or wind damaged siding) can travel along many paths inside your home. For example, we have seen water run along roof stringers and rafters, inside framing, along plumbing and wiring, and a combination of all of this to create an internal water damage problem far removed from the source! It can be a bit of investigative work to find the lead, then immediate action to fix all the water damage in the path.

After a Windstorm

If you suspect that your home may have been damaged, and especially if you see other damage in the neighborhood,  you should have a professional inspection. Safely assessing the condition of a roof is not a good do-it-yourself project. Safety harnesses should be used on steeper roof pitches, and a professional will have long ladders to inspect the siding, soffits, and gutters on upper floors.

Free Windstorm Damage Inspection

As storm damage experts, All Sons Exteriors specialize in the replacement of roofing, siding, windows, gutters and more. As a Lakeville, MN based company, with crews spread throughout southern and central Minnesota, we can serve a radius of up to 100 miles from our Lakeville, MN, base of operations.

Windstorm Insurance Claims

If we find damage to any part of your home, our estimators will work for you in conjunction with your insurance company. Having an experienced specialists deal with the insurance company can be very beneficial in the claims process, saving you time, stress – and money. You can trust in All Sons Exteriors to take care of everything. and most importantly make sure your home is watertight!